Cool Kitchen Technology Ideas to Add to Your Design

Cool Kitchen Technology Ideas to Add to Your Design

The Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen looks nothing like the kitchen of even a decade ago. With all the advancements made in technology, our appliances and fixtures are doing more than they ever could before! Gone are the days of the standing icebox and old-fashioned kitchen timers. With so much amazing technology available to you, why not incorporate it into your kitchen remodel or redesign? If you’re looking to combine style and function, try adding some of these cool kitchen technology ideas to your project.

Hands-Free Kitchen Magic with Alexa/Google Home

Picture this: You’re hosting a big group of friends and family at your home, and you’re in charge of preparing dinner. Even though you’re cooking up a massive spread with multiple dishes, each requiring their own timers and instructions, you’re calm as can be. This could be you, if you add a hands-free device like Amazon Alexa or Google Home into your kitchen! These handy little tools let you set as many timers as you need, seamlessly look up recipes by voice command, and can even provide some relaxing music for you to cook to. What’s more, once your guests show up, you can greet them with an inviting soundtrack and set the stage for a lovely night in.

Add Excitement and Utility with Hidden Screens

Hidden screens are one of our favorite kitchen tech ideas! There are so many affordable tablets available
nowadays, all of which can greatly improve your kitchen. They make an invaluable tool during meal prep, as they can either display recipes or run how-to videos for you to cook along to. We recommend designating a specific shelving area to maximize visibility, but don’t be afraid to get creative either. There are many unique ways you can build a screen into your cabinets – just be sure to get the right mount or holder for them.

Have Water at Your Fingertips with Touch-Activated Faucets

Here’s a nifty and practical option for your kitchen redesign! Touch-activated faucets do exactly as
advertised, allowing you to turn your water on or off with the touch of your hand, elbow, or arm. If you find yourself making involved meals with a lot of cookware, these are perfect for your kitchen. Instead of
struggling for the faucet handle with a handful of dishes or unclean hands, you can get your water running with a quick bump of your elbow.

touch activated faucet

Keep Your Devices Going with Charging Stations

We all love our devices – that’s a fact. Most of us can’t go into the kitchen without our phones or tablets, but that doesn’t mean they have to get in the way. By adding charging stations to your new or existing kitchen drawer space, you can clear out the clutter. What’s more, by keeping these devices out of sight, you can help keep them out of mind during dinner! As amazing as all our kitchen tech is, a break every now and then is always a good thing.

charging station

Whatever your plans are for your kitchen remodel, adding the right kitchen technology can improve the
whole room! For help planning your remodel, be sure to download our free guide on kitchen renovation.

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