Exciting & Intuitive Kitchen Trends

Exciting & Intuitive Kitchen Trends

There’s been a lot of big things happening with kitchen trends especially now that many of us are starting to get back to our normal routines. Because even though we’re out and about more, it’s where you fuel your day.

What’s Your Color?

If there’s one thing that’s carrying over from last year, it’s darker colors in the kitchen. Black is still at the top of the list, but other dark and versatile colors have certainly made their mark as well. Shades and colors like anthracite, midnight blue, fir green and dark wood are still trendy for the equipment and decor. We like to refer to these as “dusky colors”, in that they are more matte in nature and have less luminosity. So, for example, a grey tone is used in combination with greens, darker purples, or brown shades to give a feeling of elegant ambiance. These finished tones blend beautifully with dark woods, slate, or even concrete!

If you want to keep things more traditional, black is a well-rounded and versatile choice. Blackened oak, blackened steel, and black slate work wonderfully with wood colors. You can even add elements of white to add a gentle and dampened contrast.

But don’t feel limited to darker tones or plain whites – bright and fun rosé colors are one of the hottest kitchen trends right now! Many of the most popular tones aren’t as “girlish” as most people would think. On the contrary, when used sparingly, rosé makes dark tones less “in-your-face” and adds a fresh, light color accent to your entire kitchen.

Furnish Your Kitchen in Style!

Here’s where you can break free a little and really express your own personal style! Individuality is key to highlighting your design and helping you find the right components for your hot new kitchen remodel. With that in mind, here are a few furnishing and decor trends that have been part of many kitchen remodels so far:

  1. Floral Designs – Let your kitchen feel like it’s spring and summer all year long! Floral designs, decorative blossoms and blooms, or even ornamental animal designs are all a great way to add character to your kitchen. We advise you to use less rather than more, though. Start with one wall and try adding decorative flower arrangements to add extra liveliness!
  2. Opulence & Glamor – Picture it, royal colors, high-quality materials, and top-notch design. Wouldn’t you love to have your kitchen feel so glamorous to be in every day? Achieve this look by incorporating cooler and darker steels, shimmering accents, and volcanic oak. This will give your entire kitchen a mysterious and mesmerizing feel.
  3. Hip & Industrial – Industrial-style kitchens are still very much “in” – but they work especially well with this year’s hottest trends. Light white concrete surfaces pair perfectly with steel components, like shelving or stools. The entire look is just rough and unfinished enough to give your kitchen an air of “cool” that few other looks can replicate!

Think Outside the Box!

Nowadays, it pays to get clever when it comes to your kitchen’s equipment and accessories. A well-organized kitchen NEEDS equipment that’s intuitive and comfortable to use. It also doesn’t hurt when it makes the entire kitchen look better as a whole, either! Here are a couple of our personal favorite trends for kitchen equipment.

Garden Fresh: Kitchen Herb Gardens – What better way to combine lovely aesthetics with functionality? You can give your green thumb a chance to shine right inside your house! Even better, the herbs you grow can be used to enhance your favorite meals. It’s simple to add an herb garden to your kitchen, too! Free-standing shelving systems or “in-box” systems within kitchen furniture are both easy to install and work great.

Bringing Back the Kitchen Dining Table – With the many table and bench kitchen furniture options – it’s a cinch to bring that table back into your kitchen! Modern table frames can be used to create or combine into kitchen islands that match almost any style. These are highly customizable as well, with countless size and color options available. Add a cozy touch with seat cushions on your bench or stools – it’ll quickly become the most popular room in the house!


No matter how you plan your trendy kitchen remodel, just remember to take it one step at a time! Plan out your color and style combinations and do your research to find the best materials and looks. Then you’re sure to create a kitchen worth showing off!

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