How to Plan Your Budget-Friendly DIY Kitchen Remodel

How to Plan Your Budget-Friendly DIY Kitchen Remodel

Trying to remodel your kitchen but don’t want the costs to get out of hand?

Let’s face it, it’s the most-used room in your house, and it should look beautiful and function well. But don’t think that the only way to get the kitchen of your dreams is to hire a contractor to do it for you! A recent survey conducted by NerdWallet found that 37% of homeowners went DIY for home projects. Even though DIY projects make up over one-third of all home projects, they only made up 17% of all home improvement spending. This means that going DIY is less costly than hiring a contractor. But as budget-friendly as a DIY kitchen remodel is, you still need a good plan first!

Budgeting your DIY Kitchen Remodel

Before you start rolling out the measuring tape and drawing up designs, you want to set your budget. On average, kitchen remodels can cost around $10,000 when working with a contractor. You only need to do a few quick searches online to see that there are plenty of DIY ideas that are far less expensive. No one knows better than you what you’re comfortable spending on a kitchen DIY remodel. Always keep in mind that there’s plenty of ways to remodel your kitchen one step at a time, no matter your budget!

What’s Your Style?

Once your budget has been set, now’s the time to start envisioning the style you want to remodel your kitchen in. Keeping things organized and settled will help keep you on track with your remodel. Whether you want a more modern and clean look or something traditional, you can find the supplies you need to make your vision come to life. Even if you find yourself needing inspiration, there are tons of helpful sites for you to use. Sites like Pinterest or Houzz are great places to start for ideas, but don’t be afraid to add your own flair to them!

Keep Calm & Carry On

Depending on the size and nature of your project, it can take anywhere from a few months to over a year. While you’re planning your DIY remodel, remember that not every project is equal to the other – some things take more time than others. Even though it’s an important task and will pay off in the end, it’s always good to step back if things get too stressful. Take time to keep yourself motivated and fresh, and don’t let your project consume your whole day. This way you can guarantee that you’ll be able to see your whole remodel through til the end!

Get Inspired!

Need some fun projects to kickstart your DIY kitchen remodel? Here’s a few we recommend!

If you want to give your countertops a new look on a budget, try an off-white concrete base! It adds modernity and a touch of warmth, without coming off as too industrial. If you don’t want to use concrete or stone like it, there are also tons of great paint kits that create the same look.

Your kitchen backsplash is another area that is perfect for effective remodels. Peel and stick vinyl flooring and paint are all you need to replicate subway tiling or a farmhouse style. If your kitchen backsplash is smaller, you can also use this as an opportunity to splurge a little. After all, less space means you use less materials to remodel it!


No matter what, the goal of your DIY kitchen remodel on a budget is to transform your kitchen into a welcoming, functional space. By following these tips, you can create the kitchen you’ve always wanted at your own pace – and have fun doing it!

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