Modern Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Modern Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Creating a Kitchen Renovation for your Future

Kitchen spaces have evolved over the centuries, and so have the ways we ask our kitchens to function. Think about the very first kitchens and how they were once designed. It’s obvious these spaces were born out of basic, practical needs. But as you look for inspiration for your kitchen, here are some modern kitchen renovation ideas.

Kitchens of the Past

The very first kitchens were once built around a home’s “hearth” or fireplace. That’s because, without it, cooking was impossible. These “classic kitchens” had one purpose: to maximize the central heating source. Later, kitchens adapted to modern appliances (convection ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, and other conveniences). The primitive layout went out the window, along with zones for firewood and ash buckets. Springing up everywhere, came galley style kitchens with long rows of appliances! Or U-shaped kitchens with the refrigerator at center stage. More and more, kitchen appliances were the practical focus. Meanwhile, the rest of the kitchen layout and foot traffic worked around them.

The next stage of kitchen design integrated with other activity centers in the home. Homeowners combined kitchens with adjoining rooms to create open layouts. They divided sprawling kitchens into dining nooks and work zones to creative effect.

The Future of Kitchen Renovation

Going into 2021 and beyond, expect to see an increased focus on kitchen technology. In a shift towards the practical, modern kitchens incorporate technology seamlessly. There are a range of sleek and streamlined appliances that achieve better energy-efficiency. Plus, you can enjoy a range of lighting and ventilation options from the touch of a button or a swipe of a mobile device.

You will also see more tablet and laptop capabilities. This allows your kitchen to function as an interim office space or entertainment hub. As the home kitchen serves a new role as office or study space, this trend will only continue to gather steam. Online resources will support kitchen spaces, connecting your kitchen with the rest of the house – and the rest the world.

As you plan for your dream kitchen renovation today, don’t forget about the kitchen you will want your family to grow into in the future.  A kitchen should last 20 years or more, so don’t be short-sighted. HGTV advises, “When remodeling a kitchen, think function, efficiency, style and longevity.” Even if your family’s needs change, smart planning can accommodate for additions, improvements and the next hip trend. But there are kitchen renovation pitfalls to avoid, as well. Consulting with a skilled designer can help save costs and headaches down the road.


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