New Windows

Add New Windows to Your Home and Save. It’s a
Great Investment in Energy Efficiency!

Stop living with old, outdated, rattling, whistling windows. Not only will new windows instantly improve your energy efficiency (which translates to energy cost savings in both hot and cold weather), it can make a huge upgrade in your home’s appearance both inside and out.

The Process of Replacing Windows

Single hung, double hung, insert and bay. When considering new windows, don’t be intimated by the different types of windows, frame materials and style choices out there. When it comes to window selection for your home, function should always come first. If you’re looking for an affordable model that’s Energy Star rated and easy to clean, you may opt for vinyl double hung windows. However, if you have a living view that you want to frame for a gorgeous focal point, you might consider a bay or garden window. The cost of windows should be considered next.

No matter what style or material you and your family opt for in the end, replacing your windows is a predictable process with clear steps from start to finish. The best way to start is to take inventory of your home’s existing window health and get feedback from everybody in your home. Remember to consider things like airflow and cross current, amount of light the window allows, as well as ease of use and cleaning. Then you can make an informed decision together about how to best improve the look and function of your windows.

For the initial planning, consider how new windows will affect both the interior and exterior look of your home. You may consider modern black trim or contrasting tones with your home’s siding. Try thinking outside the box in the initial planning phase (you can always dial-it back later). For example, if you’ve been dreaming of a hallway flooded with natural light from skylights, now’s the time to consider their installation.

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