When is the Best Time to Replace Windows?

When is the Best Time to Replace Windows?

Hint: the answer may surprise you! If you’re in need of new windows but don’t think it’s the right time of year to complete the project—think again.

There’s nothing worse than living with drafty, rattling, or leaky windows. Especially as the weather gets cooler and you begin to budget for the cost of winter heating. Think you missed the “window” for updating your home’s windows? Think again.

So, what’s the best time of year to replace windows?

Surprisingly, the answer is simple: any time you need new windows! Yes, that’s right. Even in the dead of winter. You don’t have to wait for springtime to seal out the draft caused by that old or damaged window. In fact, there are clear advantages to replacing old windows in the wintertime. The best time to replace your windows and save money is often the time when you need new windows the most. While it’s true that window replacement projects are more common in the spring, summer, or fall, it’s also quite possible to make a windows upgrade during the coldest months of the year.

The Best Time to Replace Windows is Now.

Here’s the bottom line: if you need to replace a badly damaged window in your home, it’s always the right time. Especially if that broken or damaged window compromises home security. We recommend replacing these window units immediately, even if the timing is less than ideal.

However, beyond those “emergency” window replacement projects, upgrading your home’s windows are a worthy investment, and can add tremendous curb appeal and significant home energy savings. For more comprehensive window replacement projects, you can upgrade to new windows anytime of the year. Although each season has distinct pros and cons depending on where you live. Let’s go over some of these.

1) Spring

Late spring is a popular time of year to replace windows due to the mild weather and lengthening days. Because it’s such an ideal time of year to complete a variety of home improvement projects, you might have to wait for your local contractor or installer to begin the work. The best bet is to schedule an appointment as early as possible, even during the late winter months. Keep in mind that you may need to accommodate some scheduling challenges to hire your preferred window professional. Another benefit of completing window replacement in the spring? Less heating costs during the installation process itself when the home seal is temporarily broken.

2) Summer

Long days of bright sunlight make window replacement ideal in the summertime—especially for larger projects. When your home is opened to the elements even for a few brief hours, it’s nice not to deal with snow, ice, or freezing temperatures. It’s important to begin planning for your summer window replacement project in the spring. It pays to schedule an appointment well in advance to save on wait time. Prepare to change your appointment as needed for pop-up thunderstorms or other unexpected weather events.

3) Fall

Investing in new, energy efficient windows in the fall season makes sense for a variety of reasons. By replacing those drafty, rattling window units before winter comes, you will seal out the chill for the coldest months ahead. You are also likely to increase your savings on heating costs. But the autumn season is often the most changeable, from a weather standpoint. Depending on your region, a variety of weather events are possible from rain and snow to extreme weather incidents like hurricanes or tropical storms. To help make installation a breeze, try to aim for days of dry weather and moderate temperatures! But also, be prepared to reschedule last-minute if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

4) Winter

Although you might have to delay installation during severe weather, starting a window replacement project in the winter is perfectly okay. In the past it was a valid concern that the caulking or sealants may not be effective, however there are many sealant products on the market that work in cold temperatures. If your windows are in need of replacement, express your concerns with your chosen contractor and they can let you know how they will make replacing windows in the wintertime a positive experience.

Whatever time of year you decide to make the upgrade, we hope you enjoy your beautiful new windows!

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