Kitchen Renovation Guide

Don’t Put Off that Updated Kitchen Any Longer. It’s One of the
Best Investments You Can Make to Your Home!

If you’ve been waiting to remodel your kitchen, add new countertops or cabinet
storage, or redefine your kitchen style – don’t. Updating your kitchen adds instant
resale value to your home. But more importantly, it will improve your family’s
quality of life and helps contribute to healthier living.

Planning a Kitchen Renovation Guide 101

It may seem daunting at first, but a kitchen renovation is a predictable process with clear steps from start to finish. The best way to start is to take inventory of your current kitchen and get feedback from everybody who uses the space.  Then you can make an informed decision together about how to best improve the space.

First, examine your current kitchen to determine your project limitations. For example, your kitchen may be limited by its square footage, access from other rooms, or other pre-existing and permanent factors. Once your project limitations are clearly defined, you can gain a more focused picture of what your kitchen transformation could potentially look like. If you have a smaller kitchen, maybe adding storage from floor to ceiling and installing a skylight will transform how your kitchen looks and functions. Or if you have an open concept kitchen that’s a bit sprawling, you might consider break up the space with designated workstations, such as prep zones, baking zones, cooking zones, cleanup zones and entertaining zones.

For the initial planning, it’s okay to dream big and scale things back later. Try brainstorming with the whole family in the initial planning phase. Compile a simple list of all your new kitchen “must-haves,” “nice-to-haves,” and “can-do-withouts” so that you can see at a glance what falls within your budget and what you can cut away. The idea is to make your kitchen look amazing and work better for your whole family while providing optimal value.

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